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When Eliot first spies the booth at the end of the pier, he wonders what it is. The canvas is faded, the striped pattern barely visible beneath years of dirt. The wooden boards are stained and bare. It’s the crude, handwritten sign that draws him closer, makes him reach out to pull the curtain aside. Enter the Shadow Booth, it says, and you will never be the same again.

Welcome to The Shadow Booth, a new journal of weird and eerie fiction, edited by Dan Coxon. Drawing its inspiration from the likes of Thomas Ligotti and Robert Aickman, The Shadow Booth explores that dark, murky hinterland between mainstream horror and literary fiction.

Volume 1 contains stories by:

Gary Budden
Dan Carpenter
Malcolm Devlin
Stephen Hargadon
David Hartley
Richard V. Hirst
Timothy J. Jarvis
Alison Moore
Annie Neugebauer
Sarah Read
Joseph Sale
Richard Thomas
Paul Tremblay

Enter the Shadow Booth, and you will never be the same again…

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