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It's as Peter begins to wade into the tarn that he spies the strange canvas structure at the edge of the trees. It looks like an abandoned Punch & Judy booth, he thinks, but dirty and tired, stained black with mould. Ignoring the water licking cold about his ankles, he squints to read the crimson scrawl on the plank propped against it. Enter the Shadow Booth, it says, and you will never be the same again. 

The Shadow Booth is an international journal of weird and eerie fiction, publishing emerging and established writers of the strange. Drawing its inspiration from the likes of Thomas Ligotti and Robert Aickman, The Shadow Booth explores that dark, murky hinterland between mainstream horror and literary fiction.

Volume 4 includes new weird and uncanny fiction by:

Gary Budden
Jay Caselberg
Tim Cooke
James Everington
Lucie McKnight Hardy
Giselle Leeb
Polis Loizou
James Machin
Andrew McDonnell
Jane Roberts
Ashley Stokes
Anna Vaught
Charles Wilkinson
Marian Womack.

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  1. I've been looking so long for a journal of weird fiction that has the quality necessary to carry the baton onwards from Aickman and Lovecraft and other authors who ploughed these fields. Thankfully I stumbled upon the Shadow Booth and can rest assured that there are still talented authors out there with heads full of strange imaginations who can create off-kilter worlds for us to explore. I am enjoying this issue; have been impressed by the standard of prose and thank the editors of this journal for putting it together and keeping weird fiction alive.

  2. I would buy the e-book but the order interface doesn't want to accept my address. Dang it.

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