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The Shadow Booth: Vol. 4 - COMING THIS OCTOBER!

We're thrilled to announce that The Shadow Booth: Vol. 4 will be published on 24 October 2019, with a launch event (exact details to be confirmed) at FantasyCon in Glasgow. Once again, we'll be publishing as an ebook and a mass-market paperback (which should match your copies of Vols. 1, 2 & 3 perfectly on the shelf...)

Pre-orders are open now through our online store. If you've enjoyed Vols. 1-3 (or are just a fan of strange, eerie short stories), please take a moment to pre-order your copy. That way you can be one of the first to sample its strange delights, and help make sure that The Shadow Booth keeps going through Vol. 5 and beyond.

We've also dropped the price of Vols. 1 & 2 through until October, so if you've fallen behind now is the perfect time to catch up! Vols. 1 & 2 are only £6.99 in paperback until 24 October, and all three volumes to date are only £2.99 as ebooks. It's the perfect time to catch up on all those stories you missed, from the likes of Paul Tremblay, Kirsty Logan, Mark Morris, Aliya Whiteley, Robert Shearman, Annie Neugebauer, Ralph Robert Moore and many, many others.

But we haven't told you the most exciting part! The lineup is now finalised for Vol. 4, and the Table of Contents reads as follows:
  • The Devil of Timanfaya by Lucie McKnight Hardy
  • The Tribute by James Machin 
  • The Larpins by Charles Wilkinson 
  • Drowning by Giselle Leeb 
  • You Are Not in Kettering Now by Andrew McDonnell 
  • Hardrada by Ashley Stokes 
  • Defensive Wounds by James Everington 
  • The Verandah by Jay Caselberg 
  • The Salt Marsh Lambs by Jane Roberts 
  • The Box of Knowledge by Tim Cooke 
  • His Hand by Polis Loizou 
  • Terminal Teatime by Anna Vaught
  • Collector of Games by Gary Budden 
  • One Two Three by Marian Womack
Hopefully you're just as excited as we are. We think this might be the best volume yet. Don't miss out.

Please show your support by pre-ordering your copy of The Shadow Booth: Vol. 4 here. 

(Ebook pre-order here.)


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