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The Shadow Booth is OPEN for submissions!

PLEASE NOTE: The Shadow Booth is now closed to fiction submissions. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for details of the next submissions period. You know how we like to keep you on your toes? Well... The Shadow Booth is now OPEN for fiction submissions until the end of April! Here are some basic guidelines: We are a bi-annual journal of weird and eerie fiction. Do not send us your Western romance (in space). Do not send us your drug addiction memoir. Do not send us your shopping list (unless you're buying some really weird things). Weird. Eerie. Fiction. Please. If you want an idea of what we mean by weird and eerie, then read one of our previous volumes. This is the best way to find out what we like! All ebooks are under £5, and like all independent publications, we need your support to keep going. Paperbacks are under £9, and our latest, Vol. 3, has just been published. ( Paperbacks, ebooks and subscriptions are available here . Okay, ran