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The Shadow Booth: Vol. 3 - COMING THIS APRIL!

We're thrilled to announce that The Shadow Booth: Vol. 3 will be launched this April. Once again, we'll be publishing as an ebook and a mass-market paperback (which should match your copies of Vols. 1 & 2 perfectly on the shelf...)

This time we won't be crowdfunding the project, but will be taking pre-orders through our website. If you've enjoyed Vol. 1 & 2 (or are just a fan of strange, eerie short stories), then please take a moment to pre-order your copy. That way you can be one of the first to sample its strange delights...

But we haven't told you the most exciting part! The lineup is now finalised for Vol. 3, and the Table of Contents reads as follows:
  • Cousin Grace by Jill Hand 
  • Demolition by Nick Adams 
  • I Say (I Say, I Say) by Robert Shearman 
  • Meat by Judy Birkbeck 
  • Hermit Island’s Hermit by Armel Dagorn 
  • The Cherry Cactus of Corsica by Verity Holloway 
  • The School Project by Richard V. Hirst 
  • I Have a Secret by Raquel Castro 
  • Hangers-On by Tim Major 
  • Ten by Gregory J. Wolos  
  • I Am by Annie Neugebauer 
Sounds good? We think so. In fact, we've read the stories, and we KNOW they're great.

Please show your support and pre-order your copy of The Shadow Booth: Vol. 3 here.
(Ebook pre-order here.)


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