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Light Amid the Risen Dark: an interview with artist Michael Heslop

LIGHT AMID THE RISEN DARK An interview with artist Michael Heslop  by Andrew Wallace    Michael Heslop was one of the most prolific book cover artists working in the heyday of the industry from the 1970s to 1990s. His reliability with deadlines, total involvement in every project and ability to create powerful, evocative imagery meant he worked for all the major publishers, including Corgi, Futura, Pan and Mayflower. His work is characterised by precision and innovative use of strong graphic elements, particularly the ability to blend images and create a unique collage effect within a single frame. He trained at Somerset College of Art, in Brighton & University College, and earned his living during the mid-1960s by teaching art in Devon. His artistic breakthrough came in 1967, when his illustrations of the history of postal services for the GPO led to work with publishers who wanted new talent for the burgeoning book cover market. Michael created over sixty covers during