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Author Spotlight - Richard V. Hirst

Continuing our profiles of authors featured in Volume 1 of The Shadow Booth, the spotlight shines on Richard V. Hirst today.

Richard is a writer from Manchester. He is the co-author of The Night Visitors (with Jenn Ashworth, published by Dead Ink Books), a novella told entirely via an exchange of emails, and Bus Station: Unbound, a choose-your-own-adventure-style novel set in Preston Bus Station. His work has been published in the Big Issue, Time Out and The Guardian amongst others. Along with Jenn Ashworth and Emma Jane Unsworth, he runs Curious Tales, an independent publisher specialising in ghost stories which has featured new writing by M. John Harrison, Alison Moore, Patrick McGrath and others. His website is and he is on twitter as @vivmondo.

As a special preview, you can read Richard's story from The Shadow Booth until 25 October on the Minor Literatures website, here:

The Upstairs Room

If you haven't already done so, please remember to pre-order a copy of Volume 1! Full details are on our Kickstarter page.