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Author Spotlight - Malcolm Devlin

Continuing our profiles of authors featured in Volume 1 of The Shadow Booth, the spotlight shines on Malcolm Devlin today.

Malcolm Devlin's stories have appeared in Black Static, Interzone, Nightscript and Shadows and Tall Trees. His collection, You Will Grow Into Them, is published by Unsung Stories.

Paul Tremblay (another Shadow Booth contributor!) has called Devlin's debut: 'a collection of immaculately written tales that deftly mix darkness with a playful imagination. The result are stories that are as entertaining and humane as they are deeply unsettling. We need more stories in the world like these.'

Nina Allan has said that: 'Devlin’s collection, like Andrew Michael Hurley’s The Loney before it, is set to become one of the decade’s landmarks of English weird.'

We couldn't agree more. You can find a full list of Devlin's published stories on his website here.

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